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Your Daily Local brings true local journalism back to the people of Warren, PA. Reliable news and sports coverage you can count on, written by locals for locals.

About Your Daily Local

The local news you need, when you need it

To put it succinctly, Your Daily Local is just that. Daily, local news, written by local journalists who care.

Our premise is simple: we want to bring true, local journalism back to local communities.

Because we believe a free press is one of the backbones of this country. It holds those in power positions accountable, keeps the populace informed of the events of the day, and highlights members of the community and their extraordinary stories.

But a free press can’t be free if it bows to the whims of some corporate entity focused solely on profits and often headquartered hundreds of miles away.

The disappearance of hometown newspapers has had a calamitous effect on the ability of residents to stay informed about the people, places and events that matter most to them. Our goal is to change that and give people the news that actually affects their daily lives.

We also believe that a free press shouldn’t just be free of government or corporate oversight, but free to consume as well. 

That’s why we’re here to bring you the local news you need, when you need it — without paywalls.

Meet Brian!

Publisher Brian Hagberg co-founded Your Daily Local in 2020 to help turn the tide as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged local newsrooms, including right here in Warren.

Brian was born and raised in Warren. He graduated from Warren Area High School, and has resided in both Scandia and Youngsville over the years. He has also spent time coaching at Sheffield High School. His life experiences have given him a passion for ALL of Warren County.

A graduate of Edinboro University’s journalism program, Brian hosted a radio show and served as the radio play-by-play announcer for football and basketball at WFSE 88.9 FM. He also made frequent guest appearances on ETV news and sports shows and wrote for The Rocket before transferring to Edinboro from Slippery Rock University.

Brian began his professional career at the Times Observer before moving to Colorado and working for the Schriever Sentinel and Colorado Springs Business Journal. He then came back home to work for the Times Observer before co-founding Your Daily Local.

Brian is married to his wonderful wife Autumn, an Air Force veteran, and is a proud girl-dad to daughters Anna, Makena and Caitlin.

Our readers love us!

As a high school coach in the local community, I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate Your Daily Local’s coverage! Whether it be athletics, local events, or news coverage, Your Daily Local’s articles aren’t just lines on a page.  They care about their community!

— Jason S.

Since Your Daily Local has come along it has made getting the news so much simpler. They are right in the nitty gritty of events and capture the true meaning of each event they cover and report on. I appreciate that so much and the connectedness I feel to them.

— Kari S.

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